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Knoxville Elopement

meads quarry wedding in knoxville tn

Knoxville Elopement at Meads Quarry

This Knoxville elopement at Meads Quarry is going to sweep you off your feet. Not because of the gorgeous sunset, or the bride’s amazing lace-back gown, or the stunning quarry backdrop for their ceremony, but because this sweet (and sneaky!) duo eloped on a Friday evening and hosted a bar-b-que with all their friends and families, but they didn’t tell a single one of them it was to celebrate their marriage!

Yep, Ashley and Daniel ditched having a traditional wedding, but they still enjoyed a good backyard party (errrr, reception) with their closest friends and family!

When Ashley first contacted us, she said they just wanted a small wedding. “There is something so pure to me, about it being small and intimate,” she said. And so we met them in the parking lot of Meads Quarry. Joe met Daniel, and they walked to a beautiful spot with the sunlight peeking over the trees for their first look. It was as emotional as it was beautiful, and Ashley hugged Daniel and tight as she could when she saw him.

After their first look, we walked down to the lake at Meads Quarry for their wedding ceremony. Ashley and Daniel’s friend, who is also a pastor, performed the ceremony. Happy tears dripped from her eyes as the reflection of their ceremony was in the lake water below the quarry.

After their ceremony, Ashley and Daniel met all of their friends and families at the bar-b-que. She walked in wearing her gown, and him in his suit, and it couldn’t have been more perfect!

Enjoy this intimate Knoxville elopement at Meads Quarry.

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