Super 8 Wedding Films

In addition to wedding photography, we also offer vintage Super 8 wedding films. This is a nostalgic alternative that will remind you of the classic days of home movies. Super 8 wedding films are unique, nostalgic and completely different than digital cinematic wedding films.

About Super 8 Wedding Films

The Super 8 wedding films we create are approx. 3-5 minutes and set to music. Because it's captured on real film, Super 8 videos do not have sound, so we are able to interact with you as we are shooting. We want the video to have a nostalgic feel, so we shoot with the "Uncle" mindset so it looks and feels like it was shot by a family member or close friend.

Why Super 8?

I grew up with film, and one of my first memories was at my grandparent's house seeing a movie projector sitting on a table in the living room. They rolled out a clunky white screen, turned off the lights, and started the projector. There were a few stacks of reels, and we all sat in the living room watching them without sound. It's one of the first memories I have of film. So, when my dad gave me his Super 8 camera and said "try it and see if it still works," I immediately ordered film and started shooting.

Super 8 films are nostalgic. They remind you of the classic days of home movies - sitting at my grandparent's house watching reel after reel. The quality is not like what we're used to today using digital cameras and iPhones. Far from it! It's film. It's not fancy or slick, or even has sound. But it's beautifully real and raw.

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